Summer Discoveries
Dr. Nermeen Dashoush, PhD
STEM Specialist and Chief Curriculum Officer
for MarcoPolo World School
“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” John Muir

Welcome, summer! Discoveries are waiting to be made, explorations and adventures are around the corner, and young scientists will be bursting outside with that summertime energy.

When children observe something in nature and learn about it, they are more likely to connect to and care for the environment around them. Planning a camping trip in the woods or a trip to the beach this summer? How about a botanical garden or zoo? Learn about some of the plants and animals you may see beforehand, and watch the learning become even more meaningful for your child as they experience nature firsthand! The MarcoPolo field trips virtually take your child anywhere in the world, so let them explore a topic before heading off on their own adventure.
Ready? Grab your sunscreen and hats, and take the summer learning outside!

Two ways to support your nature explorer this summer:
  1. Nature Walk: Set a time each day or week for a nature walk and choose something specific to look for or observe on the walk (clouds, animals, plants).
  2. Explorer Tools: Give your child materials for observing and recording their explorations such as: homemade binoculars, a nature journal, magnifying glass, and a small tote for carrying items.
How can children benefit from learning about and engaging with the natural world?
  • Develop a sense of wonder
  • Understanding of natural cycles
  • Caring for the environment

How can you support your child’s learning this summer? We are here to help! Here at MarcoPolo World School, we are kicking off Summer Discoveries as we delve into different nature topics for the whole month of June. From amazing predators, to seeds and plants around us, to learning about animal life cycles— your child will discover, design, solve, and create. Download the Summer Discoveries June Activity Pack for loads of summer fun!

Follow along for learning all summer with MarcoPolo World School.
Check out our Extension Activities and the Discovery Challenges this summer in the activity packs. Designed to keep your child learning and exploring with opportunities to share their discoveries and be featured on MarcoPolo World School!

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